Just a guy who discovered doing music is the perfect excuse for partying every weekend and not having a real job?

Already when being a teenager, living far out in the german countryside, Andre Crom got intrigued by House and Techno as an exciting and irresistible escape from the boring surrounding he faced. Mid-90ies-dance and house left a strong mark on his taste which prevails until today.

The call of music led Andre into a career in electronic music spanning over 10 years, starting out as journalist interviewing heroes like Masters At Work or Mel Cheren of West End Records, continuing as booker and developing his dj skills at countless of gigs.

In 2008 Andre Crom finally moved to Berlin and since then works fulltime as labelmanager, music producer and dj.

His label „OFF Recordings“ belongs to the most popular imprints of its kind, its releases getting good feedback and plays from virtually any dj with a taste for good house music and regularly entering high chart positions in the leading vinyl & digital stores; „OFF SPIN 03 – Thyladomid – The Voice“ held the Beatport Deehouse Chart # 1 position for many weeks to name just one example.

Crom’s coproductions with Martin Dawson „Gonna Be Alright“, „In the City“ or „About You“ were instant hits on Decks, Beatport and Resident Advisor as well.

However, Andre Crom’s love for house music becomes most evident on his gigs, playing a mixture of own productions, hard-to-find oldschool gems and carefully picked current releases, always groovy and 100% focused on the floor.

Andre Crom

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